CNISP-Union Introduction

    China Internet Service Provider Union (Hereinafter referred to as: CNISP-Union) is a nonprofit Internet community, established in December 1, 2009 in China. CNISP-Union was co-founded by Internet service providers (ISP), Internet content providers(ICP) , Internet data centers(IDC), system integrators, research and education institutions etc.
    As China's largest Internet service provider community, CNISP-Union is committed to serving China's Internet industry, developing related services standard, incubating innovative research and cooperating with International communities and organizations, only for the purpose of ensuring a healthy and stable development of the China Internet industry. CNISP-Union members are consisted of legitimate companies and institutions, who voluntarily join CNISP-Union and comply with CNISP-Union policies.
   In November 2013, under the leadership and authorization of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China(MIIT), CNISP-Union was reorganized and CNISP-Union Secretariat was set up under the China Academy of Telecommunication Research (CATR).
   CNISP-Union Guidelines: Sharing, Collaboration, Service
   CNISP-Union Slogan: Be Connected, Be Allied.